Miles Away Photography: Blog en-us (C) Miles Away Photography (Miles Away Photography) Wed, 12 Aug 2020 13:09:00 GMT Wed, 12 Aug 2020 13:09:00 GMT Miles Away Photography: Blog 120 118 Perth Easy to Access Photo Locations Have you lost a bit of drive and need a few ideas on how to get your creativity back? 

Here is a list of easy to access locations around Perth to get you back in the groove.

Kings Park

First on the list is Kings Park. Its a great place to explore at anytime of the day. Sunrise is extra special though!!! Grab your camera and go for a walk. There are lookouts and loads of paths to take.   


Keep your eye out as there is always something flowering. My personal favourite is the Everlastings


The Boat House

Is any list of Perth Photo locations complete without the Boat House?

Its easy to access, just be prepared to share it and wait your turn. I have seen people here at all hours of the day and night, I'm sure you have seen photos of it!!!


If you're looking for a place to go at night or near night for some long exposure and reflections the next one is for you.

South Perth Foreshore

 This is another great place to walk around with the camera, just make sure you take the tripod. There is always the Perth skyline shot however there is lots of other aspects you can add as you walk around.


It's time for a more natural one. I personally would love to be out in nature much more than I am but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes. If you're looking for an easy to get to and give you some time in the bush this is the one for you. 

Lesmurdie Falls

A short drive form the city, nice hiking tracks and flowing water for much of the year Lesmurdie falls is a great place to explore. Go for a hike and enjoy our bush. You can go right up to the top of the hill with the radio tower or down the bottom of the falls where you will find one of the best waterfalls around Perth. 

On your way back into the city I recommend stopping off at the next one. 

Lions Lookout 

It's great at night to see the city lights or if you time it right a great spot to watch a storm roll in. (I'm still waiting to see a big storm from here) its also a nice spot to watch the sunset 


That's all from my list. I hope it has sparked an idea or at least made you think about getting back out there. If you have some other suggestions that you think should be in the list, let me know I would love to hear them!!

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Long Exposure Lantern I first discovered the spot on a group trail run, when I was running up the hill I could see a large rock. It is quite impressive. As I made my way up I thought it would look really cool if someone was on top at night with a lantern. 

I decided to rope my partner into it. We headed back out there at night, lantern and camera gear in hand.  

She stood on the top of the rock with the lantern while I found the shot I wanted. It was cold and this was difficult as it was so dark apart from the lantern in the viewfinder. To get around this I turned up the ISO loads and used a shorter shutter speed of only a few seconds so I could quickly adjust my shot to get a composition I liked (Thanks Paul Zizka for the tip). 

Once I got a composition I was happy with I reduced my ISO and focused my attention on the rest of my camera settings. It's a tricky location as the sky is lit up with all the light pollution from Perth but the valley is very dark. I used the lantern light to focus on so the image was sharp where I wanted it and there you have it.   



It still needs some refinement from my side but it's all a learning experience.   


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Quarter life Crisis Feel like you are not getting anywhere? Stuck in a 9 to 5 with no path for something different, other than to be given other peoples jobs while still being expected to do your current workload as well. Yearning for adventure in the mountains, less stress and to stop asking what if. 
I didn't really know what to do, all I knew was if I kept going down the path I was on something bad was going to happen. My body always ached, I had no motivation and everything was hard, I was really run down and knew I needed a break. 
I always had a dream to live overseas however I never did it. Once I finished school some stuff happened and I really didn't know what else to do so I went straight to Uni and then from Uni got a 9 to 5 job and got trapped with only 4 weeks of leave each year. 
This was the time I needed to take the chance and do it. It was now or never. I had a lot to lose, my partner and mortgage but I also knew that if I didn't do something soon the way things were going I could still could lose them. This didn't make bringing it up with my partner any easier though. 
After a few hard discussions with some other things tossed in for good measure we worked out a plan. We would both go to South East Asia for 2 months then I would go off to Canada for a few months. Easy......
Both of us had never really travelled much of Asia so it was all very new to us. We decided on just working it out as we went but had a rough idea of places we wanted to hit up. We ended up going through Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It was amazing people always ask for the highlight but I always find it very hard to answer, for me it was somewhere between food, scooters, islands, caves and landscapes. It was amazing however 2 months was long enough for us as there is a lot going on all the time and very little personal space. I do want to go back at some stage however 2 months in one hit is about our limit.
Then it was onto the next step of my journey, Canada. My working Visa had been approved (just been lifted to include people up to 35 years old!!!) and I was off. Once I had hit the ground I didn't really know where I wanted to go, all I knew was I wanted to be out of the city's in nature and I wanted somewhere a little isolated so I had time to think and work out what to do for work when I get back to Perth. 
I was applying for jobs all over Canada in places that interested me. 
I had some luck I got a job in Lake Louise that included accommodation! I had fallen in love with Banff National Park on a previous trip to Canada so I was very excited to be heading back!!! 
I jumped onto a bus and I was on my way. I was in the heart of the Rockies from the end of summer to the start of winter. It was amazing to wake up every day and see mountains and all the adventures you can have in them!! My time there was full of exploring, hikes, trail runs, and lots of time to take photos! 
Now I look at it my time there went so fast. I had so many great experiences from fall hikes, playing and driving in the snow, iced lakes and I even managed to witness the aroura on my second last night in Banff.  
When I was on my way home I had mixed emotions, I was going to see all the people and my partner that I had been away from for so long but I was also leaving the mountains, however I still haven't worked out how to get that work life balance and that was meant to be one of my aims during my time off. 
Having said that the way everything is currently going I may soon have a lot more time to think about it. 
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Photography 101 So Its been a while since I have done one of these. Things got hard for a while there but I'm back now so we will have another crack. 

So my time in Canada has been amazing so far! It is so incredibly beautiful!! So much so I was thinking it is so easy to take great photos all you have to do is get back to the basics of photography and you are 90% there.


So what are the basics I hear you ask? (Well not really but lets just go with it)

They are very simple and can apply to any camera even phone cameras. 


My first tip is to slow down and take your time. Don't just fire away and hope for the best. Look at the image you are creating. What moment are you trying to catch? What do you plan to do with the photo once you have taken it? Is it a photo of your cat because its being cute and you want to remember the moment, is it a stunning sunset you don't want to forget or fancy drinks and you want to try and make your friends believe this is how you spend your spare time? does the image in you have do this?

If not try moving around with different angles and heights, you would be surprised how much a small change in angle or height can change an image. Make sure everything you need is in the frame. There is no point just taking a photo of the cocktail if the pool that goes along with it is missing... at the same time if there are some dodgy looking individuals or rubbish to the side make sure you don't include this in the photo as you just want the perfect looking time, unless the point of the photo is to show what is really going on then include it.    


Is the photo sharp? What ever you are planning to do with the photo it works a lot better when it is sharp!!! If you are taking a photo of an animal or person the most important place to get sharp is the eyes. If you have a camera or phone that you can tell it what to focus on make it the persons or animals eyes!

Almost all cameras have auto focus these days however you still need to do some work to get a sharp shot. The camera will make the image sharp however if you are moving the camera and it only has to be a tiny bit and the image will be blurry. So when you do go to take an photo slow down and make sure you have steady hands. Especially if it is getting dark as the camera will take the photo for longer so it can get enough light to see what is going on, so you need to hold the camera still for longer.        

If you are finding it hard to hold the camera still a tripod is a great tool and opens up a lot of creative potentials as the camera will stay still as long as you leave it. It can also double as a selfie device if you use the shutter timer on your camera. 

The most important thing though is to enjoy the experience!!! We can make an amazing photo however it is only using one of our senses we are still missing out on the sounds, smells, touch and everything else that makes up that moment don't just get caught up in taking a photo or you will miss out on the full experience!!  



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100Km Part 2

This post is part 2 of my 100km ultra run. it picks up just after the 50km mark.

Its only now it starts to sink in that I am now in uncharted distances for myself and its now the hills. My plan from the start was just to walk the hills and even though I have done a lot of hill work I'm sticking to my plan. It’s a bit slower but walking is still making progress. The bush isn't as pretty as before but the Australia bush in September is always a special place to be. This leg has dragged on a bit. I wasn’t too worried as I knew this was going to be the hardest section and I just had to keep pushing through it.  

The bush starts to get denser and the ground is starting to get muddy but we have single trail now. This is the kind of running I like the most! Just weaving through the bush and the kilometers start ticking off quickly again. The 70km check point was a welcome relief, I knew now that the aid stations would be more frequent and with just 30km of running to go I knew I could break it down into smaller parts. The next aid station was at 77km and it was nice seeing my crew a little more often, it just takes your mind off your body and by now the legs are feeling it so every little thing helps.  

The sun is starting to set and with luck at this time the course has taken me to the top of some small clear hills. I keep looking around as the light and colour in the clouds is very cool. This is nice as it is another distraction for the mind while the body just keeps shuffling along. I always like to see the sun rise or sun set even without the camera but this is the first time I have seen both in the one run. Another first for the day.   

The last aid station was a bit of a blur I just remember wanting to keep moving I was still feeling ok, tired and the body was sore but I felt I had it in me to finish I just had to keep ticking along. At 90km I start to worry about my speed and that its going to be the slowest 10km I have done in a long time! Well since I have been able to run 10km. I don’t know why but it starts to really stress me out! But then I think about the amount of times I have run 10km after already running 90km and I think that it's probably ok to take it easy with this one. The temperature is dropping and getting quite cold now as we are back near the coast. I should put my jacket back on but I decide to just get on with it. I didn’t think about it much at the time but I would regret this later.  

The trail feels a lot smaller in the dark again but this time the body is what is holding things up the legs are feeling very heavy, there are aches and pains moving throughout them depending on the trail. If it's up, down or flat is really loading up different areas of the legs. There are some more beach sections to finish the race. It's an experience I have never had before! I can see a faint glow in the distance that’s another runner. I can hear by the sea but when I look in that direction I cannot see it. It's a little disconcerting as I know we have a few parts we have to go up and over between beaches. I see a red arrow with makes me feel so much better as I know I'm still on the right track. The last thing I want to do now is get lost now. Its up and over and back onto the last section of beach. It's only now that its starting to sink in how far I have come today and my running journey (5 to 6 years ago I was wrapped when I did 3km unbroken. A lot of work and training has gone in since then!). 

Most of the day it has been quite quiet but now I can start to hear music!! It’s the finish line!!!!! The sand is soft but with a final push it's through the last bit and down the finish shoot. I make sure I go slow and take it all in. Everyone is cheering and there is loads of shouting!!! It's a little overwhelming and I'm feeling confused on what I should be feeling and doing. With a final step I cross the finish line 100km, I make sure I stop my watch, very important, get given my medal and finishers stein. The announcer comments on my last name "Miles" being appropriate for and Ultra runner and that’s when I realise I have done it!!! I'm an ultra-runner 

I was hoping to hang around a see my fellow runners finish but very quickly after I sat down I got very cold very quick! I had now put on warmer clothes but it didn’t really help so it was into the car and a hot shower! Should have put that jacket on then I could have enjoyed the finish line festivities properly.   

If you had of asked me a few years ago if I could have run 100km in one day I would have laughed at you! Goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to something and a lot of training!!                                  

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100km Part 1

I'm standing at the start line for the Surf Coast Century, I signed up many months ago. Since then I have been doing loads of running, trying different things and all round just taking care of myself. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been! That's still not helping the nerves though. I have been running for many years now but today I am trying to run twice as far as I have ever run before.  It's cold, very dark and you can feel everyone's nervous energy.  

With a cheer and loads of cow bells, we are off into the darkness. It's just following everyone else to start with it is very busy! Any small obstacle creates a traffic jam but I don’t mind, I know I'm going to be out here for a long time today a little bit longer is going to be fine. We slowly make our way up one of the small hills. I look down to the beach and it looks amazing!!! I have never seen anything like this before, while it's still very early and dark, the beach is lit up with all the head lamps of the front runners it's amazing.  

Now it's my turn on the beach and it's nice to get a little more room. The sand is nice and hard so it's easy to run on. The sun is starting to rise, it's nice to be able to see a little more! We make our way past the start line. The nerves have settled now and I can enjoy the run.  



 There are now some amazing cliffs on our left and the sea to the right, nothing but beach in front. There are really cool patterns in the sand from all the different trail shoes, they shine with thin layer of water over them. There are rock pools and deeper sections of water to make our way through. We keep making our way towards Torquay and run across the iconic Bells Beach. The surfers have started and it's a little distracting. They look worse off than us out there! 


It's been slow going but I made it to Torquay and at the first drop bag check point. It's great to get the wet shoes and socks off and some nice dry ones on and hit the trails and head back to Anglesea. The track takes us into the bush and we are in luck as the wild flowers are out!! It's amazing to run in amongst it all. So many different types and colors you forget you're running. The track is winding and smooth and lots of fun to run on.  

In the distance now, you can see the sea, it is quite the lookout. We make our way back to the coast and it's across the river again and halfway is chalked up. I totally forgot I had just passed my previous longest run there is no time for thinking about it as I have to crawl under a bridge. There is only just enough space for me to fit under. The rocks are hard!! There are some mats down but they are all underwater now. Some of the other runners are complaining about going under but I figure I am not going to let this stop me. So, it's down, out the other side and off again.  

Stay tuned for the second half of the run!

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Sydney So I have been following Lauren Bath for a little while now on Instagram. Its a great account with loads of travel related posts! Have a look.

She has teamed up with two others as part of The Travel Bootcamp. I love to travel and explore a new unfamiliar place and I thought it would be a nice thing to see how some people get to do so much amazing travel. So I decided to go along to their last event in Sydney, who knows what might come of it? I might start a new career (One day). This also meant we got to go to Sydney for a weekend :)

On the flight from Perth to Sydney there was the most amazing sunrise!!! I have seen a few sunrises and sunsets from the air but this one was really amazing!!! 

Before we left we heard a romurs that there was going to be a small run on that finishes in Bondi on the Sunday. The Sydney City to Surf, I love fun runs but 80,000 people is just too many people for me to share a run with! This being the case as soon as the plane hit the ground it was off to Bondi Beach to have a look. Its nice enough but loads of people! We saw all the sights from the Bondi Lifeguard TV show. The tower, skate park and back packers rip. It would be great to spend sunrise or sunset there but there just wasn't enough time this trip.

As my time in Sydney was short I decided to head out early the next day before the Bootcamp and take some photos around the Bridge and Opera House at sunrise. Whilst the sunrise was nothing special, I really recommend getting up early to witness the sunrise around the Bridge and Opera House! Even if you're not trying to take photos, its just such a cool place at the best of times but it always has loads of people. For sunrise you have it all to your self!! Its amazing you can just take your time and soak it all in!!! :)

The Bootcamp is great, it was an information overload!!! It was also great to hear about how the travel industry works!! if you want to know more you will have to ask them :P

After the bootcamp it was out for diner and enjoy the lights and sights of Sydney harbour at night. Its so good to have some food and a few drinks then take a walk around it all again. Even though I had seen it in the morning its totally different once the sun has gone down. It really shows you a totally different side! People everywhere and everyone having a good time! The lights and all the boats, its magical.

The last morning in Sydney was a quick trip into the city and take the view from the bridge. I have done the bridge climb many years ago but its just a little too expensive these days! While it was a great experience to be honest the view you get from the walkway at road level is almost as good and you can take your own camera with you!!!!

Sydney is a great place to have a weekend away. There is so much more coastline to explore and that's before you head to the Blue Mountains! I didn't have time to see it all this trip but that's the best thing about travelling, everyone gets a different experience. :)


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Camping - How I got the Shot So you have got a little time off and penciled in a little weekend away camping. You have even booked a camp site... Yes you have to book some camp sites now! It kind of takes the fun out of finding a site but if that's what you have to do to get a site then that's what you do. You just have to change the way you do things now.

We ended up going to Lake Brockman in Western Australia. Its a great place to camp! Great sites with fire pits, surrounded by trees and the lake!! Just a tad cold to swim this time of year though! There is loads of tracks around for walking, you could go fishing in the lake and the Munda Biddi Trail is just down the road so you have a huge path to ride you bike or go for a trail run if you're like me.

I have wanted to do a shot with the tent and people moving around the camp site for a while but haven't been in a suitable spot and don't get out camping nearly enough. I wanted to get the glow from all my friends preparing tea around the camp fire. We had a roast lamb with veggies cooking. Campfires are great to sit around but have you done it while there is a roast cooking :D So good! It's the best camp food!!!!!

Sorry I got distracted thinking of the food.

Back to the photo. I had the glow from everyone around the fire but the tent was looking a bit dull and I wanted it to stand out so I placed a lantern inside to give it a bit more punch. I also like to add as much colour as I can to my photos so I made sure I was just taking the photo just after the sun went down. It was dark enough I could get a nice long exposure but still enough light enough to give off some colour in the sky. I set the tripod up off to the side, bumped the ISO up to 800 to make the most of the low light and opened the F-stop up to try and keep the ISO as low as possible to keep the noise down. I tried a few different compositions until I found one I liked!

It would be great to see your camping shots! If you are thinking of trying a long exposure but don't have a tripod you could find a log or mound of dirt to balance the camera on. Also use the timer on the camera it will also help reduce any camera movement.    


Have Fun!       

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Step 1. Getting out there.


So for me the first step with photography happens before you pick up a camera. Don't get me wrong, I love creating photos but the thing that lead me into photography was exploring new places and finding new experiences. Now I just take photos while I am doing it.   My aim is to somehow show other people what I am experiencing and hopefully inspire them to get out and explore the world and have that new experience they might have missed if they didn't get out and try or see.

For me having a reliable way to get to and from your adventures means not only are you more likely to get out and explore but it means you are going to have more fun while you are out there. In a country as large as Australia one of the best ways to get around on your own is by car. Ever since my first car (bonus points if you know it! Yes there will be a test at the end) my cars have been very special to me as they are my means of getting out and exploring.

lot of people would have experienced this at least once. After spending another weekend fixing my beloved old ute and not out using it I started to wonder how much time the old girl had left.  

I started to do the sums in my head (well tried) and had a bit of a look at what I would be up for should there be some major mechanical issue. Not only could I not justify spending more to fix it up then she was worth but I couldn't be with out a car to get around and to work should something happen 

Maybe I could just ditch my job and then I wouldn’t be putting as many kilometers on my car. More trips, adventure and fun! Hmmmm It would be great!! No I need my job well.... yes I still need a job.   

So the decision is made it's time to get a new 4x4 but what..... I looked at the newer models after all  my old girl has done everything I have asked. It has taken me all over the country through the hills and sand dunes loads of camping trips lots of great memories. I started to have a look and oh my they have gotten expensive! They look and drive amazing but the price is just too much for me. Maybe I'll just keep working on the old girl.... no no that hasn’t been working. So what do I do.... 

I widened the search. Well the first thing I wanted was to get off the black stuff so it needed to be a 4WD, I liked the diesels and for me personally a manual was better suited.  

This gave me a lot of possibilities then bring the search into my price range and we will see what we find. After lots of trips to car yards to get an idea of what all the different vehicles are like I finally decided on a Suzuki Grand Vitara. It was much smaller than my old girl for camping trips but with a little work I will get that sorted. It is great in the city, sadly where most of my kilometers are spent.  

So I find one I am happy with, it ticks all my boxes. Driving it home is loads of fun I wouldn’t say it is fast but it does have a more go than the old girl and it is so smooth. Before long the personality comes through and it is named Suzi, how original is that! 


Now for the fun bit! Making it more suitable for trips. First up making the most of the small back area behind the seats. There are loads of different options these days for drawer systems, unfortunately not many of these are made for something as small as Suzi. After a few trips to Bunnings and a few weekends I built a drawer system that also included a space to store the second battery, voltmeter, USB outlets for charging, plenty of capacity for some tools and recovery gear just in case and some draw slides to make access to eskys and tube much easierAfter that was done I added a shelf to the very top just so we could make the most of the limited space available.  

Living in WA we have loads of great places but unfortunately they are often a long way from much and when you are trying to make the most of a weekend  this means driving at night and roos! I have hit one in the past and sometimes you just cannot avoid them. So a steel bull bar and extra lights where bolted on quick smart.  

In the quest to find more space I made up a roof rack then added an awning and some camp lights, just to make camping that little more civilized. I also added a small table to the back door and some more lights, just because I could.  

I have now had Suzi for quite a while and been out on a few trips and while we are still getting the hang of squishing stuff in for the weekends away it is also great to take around the city when you are doing the things you have to do.  

All in all Suzi is a great little adventure car and has been able to handle everything I have wanted. There may be some future modification to help it handle the bigger off road stuff but for now I am happy just making the most of my time off and not fixing cars (touch wood).

I hope you get out and explore that spot you have been thinking about! I would love to hear about it!!                

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