I am a Landscape, Nature/Wildlife photography based in Perth , Western Australia.

I grew up on a dairy farm in country Victoria. Growing up on a dairy farm is full of outdoor activities, creativity and hard work. I believe this upbringing is what has shaped me into the person I am today. I moved off the farm to study and then to Western Australia to follow a career as a Mechanical Engineer.
 It wasn't until I got my first DSLR that I got the photography bug. I loved how I could change the image by changing the settings. I found that I could make the image the way I really see it and not just how the camera shows it. I still much rather being behind the lens though.
 To this day I still love to be outside as often as I can. It can just be at a local park, remote bush or overseas. I will take any chance I can to get away and see something new.
 Perth is a great place to live. We have amazing beaches, great parks and loads of beautiful places to explore outside of the city.
I hope my photography inspires people to get out and explore their surroundings, whether it is their local area or a big adventure, with or without a camera. Just to get out and see what is out there.